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"convinced the audience with playful ease and professionalism."


- Gigpix -

Sir Gibson (born September 3, 1995), better known as SirGibson, is a 
German guitarist who is best known as the lead guitarist of the hard rock band "SirGibson" with whom he achieved success in the german hard rock community in 2022.


SirGibson rose out of the need to create stripped down, in your face rock and roll - something that seemed to be lacking in today’s music landscape. The golden era of rock seems to be more and more a part of a distant past. It’s time for an infusion of new blood into the pantheons of rock music. SirGibson is here to do just that. He touchs the people out there like he touches his girlfriend at home. He is the guy who your girlfriend left you for.


In 2005 SirGibson joined the blues rock band of his grandfather, then in 2015 he joined "Black N' Rouge". In 2018 he started his creative work for ELDER TIME. In 2019, amid growing tensions within "Black N' Rouge", SirGibson formed the group "Purple Gain". In 2020 he co-founded the glam metal band "Amber 
Fox", and in 2021 he left "Purple Gain" and "Amberfox" to focus his 
full attention on ELDER TIME. SirGibson released ELDER TIME in 2022 and the album solidified his direction and attitude.


SirGibson can be seen on stages throughout Germany and entertained  audiences at various events including Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. He is continuing to destroy stages wherever he goes.

Origin:  Kassel, GER

Genres: Hard Rock


Years Active:  2005- Present


Label:  Southside Records








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