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'Elder Time' is a provocative Hard Rock album with thoughts, jokes, and friendly advices. The entire project is focused on 
the electric guitar with the goal of creating the 80s Sleaze Rock vibes in the 2020s. 

   Influences for the album: 

  • 'Appetite for Destruction', 

  • 'A Night at the Opera', 

  • 'Purpendicular'

  • 'Van Halen'

  • 'Living the Dream' 

   Track Suggestions: 

  • Paradise City 

  • Ice Cream Man 

  • The Call of the Wild 

  • Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming 

Artist: SirGibson 
Album Title: Elder Time 
Label: Southside Records 
Release Date: September 9th, 2022 
Genre: Hard Rock 

CD Track Listing: 
1- Illusions 
2- String Break 
3- Claire 
4- All I Wanna Do 
5- Chess N' Coffee 
6- Sinners in Paradise 
7- Weed N' Whiskey 
8- Dont F*** Your Sister 
9- New Virgin In Town 

Black N' Rouge


Black n 'Rouge is a young rock band from the middle of Germany, which has its own charm by creating a contrast by driving up a well-tried sound and a young dynamic.


At the front, the blonde singer of the band acts professionally and passionately. She will be accompanied by outstanding melodies and harmonies on the lead guitar.


Through various appearances, the band grew together musically. In the course of this, the young cast released the studio album Resurrection.

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