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  • Origin:  Kassel, GER​

  • Genre: Hard Rock

  • Years Active:  2005- Present

  • Label:  Southside Records

  • Website:


I'm a german musician and composer. After the release of "Resurrection" I worked on various new Hard Rock recordings.


I can be seen on stages throughout Germany. As part of this I've entertained the audience at various events including Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.


For me music means identity, passion and a way to express my self. Authenticity is important to me. I learned to play the guitar from my grandfather. He was a strong influence to me. He died in 2020. I've been workin' on "ELDER TIME" since 2018. My influences are Deep Purple, Queen and Guns N' Roses.

"convinced the audience with playful ease and professionalism."

- Gigpix -

"ELDER TIME" is a provocative Hard Rock album with thoughts, jokes, and friendly advices. The entire project is focused on the electric guitar with the goal of creating the 80s Sleaze Rock vibes in the 2020s.


Tel.: 0170 4455990 | Mail:

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